At Bridgewater Uniting Church young people are an important and valued part of our congregation.  There’s a lot going on here for them!


Communion Sundays – All age worship

Kids love to be part of communion and so on communion Sundays we have all age worship with everyone staying in the service together and usually some interesting additions to the service geared for all ages.

There was great creativity during children’s time recently … this is the church .. with cars parked out the front .. the church sign … and a couple of snowmen “because it’s cold”

Sunday Club

During school term Primary School aged kids are invited to go out part way through the service to Sunday Club, where they will learn more about our great God and how much he loves them through stories, games, songs, play and craft.

God’s Love

At Sunday Club, we talked about how the Emperor penguins look after their chicks and keep them warm. Just like God’s love warms us up. Drawing by Jaimie. Used with permission.


Sunday Club is involved in several mission activities throughout the year:

  • We run Pancake day, and sell pancakes to the congregation to raise funds for UnitingCare
  • We attend Kids Camp Out together and invite our friends to come too.
  • We are the stars of the Christmas Eve nativity play every year.

Pancake Day 2020

Godly Play

Godly Play is a way of sharing Biblical stories that values imagination, creativity and community. After telling the story is a time of wondering, often followed by a creative response and a simple feast.  Sometimes Godly Play stories are told in our worship services or in Sunday Club or in a special community event. Godly Play stories are told across the world in various denominations and encourage us all in considering the mystery of God.

Activity Time During Godly Play

The Ten Commandments story