Future Projects

Future Projects

Following the upgrading of our Oak Community Centre and the great transformation of the Acorn meeting room, and the air conditioning of the Worship space, we’re thinking about how we can improve the appearance and access to our worship space, the Oak centre and our other meeting rooms.  Project Welcome is up and running.

Our Project Vision is that this project will create:

  • a welcoming new entrance to all the BUC facilities with an enhanced appearance from Mt Barker Road,
  • a more convenient connection between the church, Acorn and the Oak zones,
  • a more flexible worship space and
  • improved disabled access from the car park and road.

We have a Project Team of Phil, Margarete, Alan & John to help guide the project along.  Contact Phil Megaw (0417 874 114) or any of the other members if you would like to discuss the project or you have queries.

We engaged an architect to help us develop some concepts.  We’ve been working on considering variations of these and fine tuning the needs and the wants.  We are trying to identify all the issues so we can plan well and thus get the best outcome for everyone.

We’ve also been considering how else we might use the worship space right through the week and a separate team is working on ideas for this – perhaps as a music and arts venue – stay tuned for updates on this.  

Let any member of the Project Team or Church Council know your ideas and comments as this is a great opportunity to make the Bridgewater Uniting Church a great witness in the community.